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“The Secret to Happiness is Freedom…And the secret to freedom is Courage.” – Thucydides


Sharon Olson, MSN, ARNP


With over 40 years in the Mental Health field, I bring a significant healing presence that refreshes and shifts my counseling and psychotherapy. I am inspired to offer healing and share my lightness of heart with my clients, which empowers and uplifts them. Laughing with my clients is said to be one of my greatest gifts I bring, to ease their suffering and create a change of perspective that is life changing.

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One cannot change when one is unaware.  Good psychotherapy allows you to listen to yourself to become aware of your deepest thoughts.  Your brain has the potential to function as a quantum computer, but is too often limited from past programming that repeats automatically.  With knowledge and understanding of how the brain works, it allows you to delete these “old emails” and to free yourself from destructive mental myths.

counseling & coaching

Coaching reinforces one’s goals. To face your struggles with another, identify one’s strengths, and find original solutions creates a brighter future. With practice and patience you can start to voice fresh self-talk which awakens new mindsets. Coaching helps people shift their natural inertia and have greater freedom to act differently!


I take a holistic approach, so multiple factors are used to bring forth your healing. People who find their multitude of medications have become an endless stream are encouraged to reevaluate and often can decrease. By entering the divine mathematical symmetry of the patented Blu Room technology with its UVB light, one is bathed in an atmosphere of uplifting frequency allowing you to relax and bring stasis/balance to the body. Incorporating a “Pause” in Nature is an astounding force of healing and learning that brings one Present to melt stress, pain, and trauma in ready fashion. It’s ALL about opening to new possibilities of Healing and Hope.

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As a Mental Health Specialist with a wealth of experience, I cheer the overall well-being of my clients whether they are individuals, couples, or families, by supporting health and promoting, mindful strategies that attend to their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

I bring focused healing in psychotherapy to free clients from their static and limited mental and emotional programming. Let me help to change and uplift your Mind, your significant or overwhelming stressors, challenging life changes, or psychiatric/ mental health issues and build self-confidence again. As a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, I can also diagnose and prescribe medications, if needed.

I am certified by the American Nurses Credentialing Center as a Psychiatric/Mental Health Clinical Specialist, licensed as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, and graduated with a M.S. in Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing from PSU.  Many insurances accepted.

praised by people

  • “Thank you Sharon for helping me understand and live with my ADD. I consider it a great privilege to be under your care. You listen without judgement and I always feel at ease talking with you. Today I am enjoying my life so much more. I have come a long way from my first session with you and I look forward to an even brighter future with your continued support.”

    J.K. 63 year old female patient, military vet
  • "I have been in several roles with Sharon Olson for over eighteen years; as a professional, a parent, a client. I first talked with Sharon when I was teaching in a self contained Day Treatment Classroom in Washington State. She adjusted her schedule to call me on a weekend to collaborate. We spent almost an hour sharing, as to better understand and support a fifth grade student. Sharon worked with my adult son, and then personally saw me as a client periodically. Sharon is proficient in working with unique situations, stabilizing clients, teaching new skills, and heightening self confidence. I will describe her as highly competent, honest, calm, kind, cheerful, efficient, energetic, supportive and skillful in a multitude of areas."

    S.F. MS, counselor, teacher, female
  • "Sharon has been a pivotal role in assisting me in many ways, medically, mentally, and moving forward physically. I have been blessed to have the opportunity to know such a kind, understanding, and thorough professional who not only just listens, but provides straight-up, thought provoking and enlightening advice when I need it the most.  She has been able to change my outlook on life and all the obstacles that come along with it. Having someone on your side who can take a negative and utilize it as a learning lesson to grow toward a positive, is just the right person I think we all need, in one way or another, in our day to day walk. I have been seeing Sharon Olson for a year or more now and I have to say it was the wisest decision I have made that shown me that all great things can be achieved by being conscious, thinking before acting, and remaining light hearted. Thank you for all the lives you impact, you are truly an inspiration."

    A.H. 25 year old male
  • As a mental health professional myself, I have enjoyed working with Sharon for both counseling and medication management. She has assisted me in identifying symptoms associated with anxiety instead of being connected to lingering menopause as I had originally been thinking. Her thorough knowledge of subtle symptoms has let me reframe what was happening with me physically and allowed me to begin to address and reprogram some of my thinking for healing and resolution. With her support, I have reduced the level of antidepressant medication I was taking for many years. Sharon has gently but honestly challenged some of my unhelpful thinking patterns that had maintained my feelings of depression and anxiety. She has been an advocate for supporting me in my changes! I have enjoyed work with Sharon and would highly recommend her to others.

  • "In my experience, Sharon is very unique in her approach to help her patients. She goes right to the source of unhappiness and pain which lies in our limited beliefs and unconscious programs. She opened my eyes to my own self sabotage and gave me tools to change it. I am very grateful for Sharon. Her kind heart and compassion allowed me to open up and heal."

    A.B. Female
  • “Sharon Olson is one of the most incredible human beings I have ever met! I came to her at the age of 16, and had been to many other psychiatrists/specialists regarding my struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts/ideations. She has not only sat with me during some of my darkest times, but has also forced me to come out of myself so that I could become the best possible version of me, and I’m so thankful for her. Sharon will laugh with you, cry with you, and grow with you as she shows you how to turn your reality into your own paradise. Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me, Sharon!”

    K.M. Female Patient
  • "The cliché "...life can turn in an instant", has done just that on numerous occasions. Sharon Olson, ARNP is a compassionate counselor and a champion advocate for mental health. She consistently reminds me that I am a deserving person, the pain from the experiences are real, AND there is a way to work through and beyond to live out a fulfilling life for me…Sharon has been a guidepost ever gently moving me forward. She is kind, caring, and keenly aware mental health is vital to our overall well-being. It is an honor to acclaim Sharon as my counselor/therapist; she is someone you can open up to, she will listen and you can trust her. We all need a beacon in our lives. Most of the time it is our own light we are seeking; although we may need a helping hand-up to find it."

    Pinkly Female
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